The Who, What And Why Of STD Testing

In today’s society STD Testing is more important than it has ever been. More people of all ages have become sexually active with more than one partner. As the rise in multiple sexual partners increase the spread of sexually transmitted diseases also increase. Some people will obtain symptoms caused from STDs, but others may not have any symptoms and have no clue that they are carrying a transmittable disease. As an infected person has relations with one partner and then moves on to the other, the germs, bacterias and diseases are shared among each partner. Even though the infected partner is not aware that they are infected the disease is being spread between all of the sexual partners involved.visit us now!

Is Oral Sex Safe From STDs?

Many people feel that oral sex is safe and that you can not contract a sexual disease through having oral sex. This thought is wrong! If a person has papillomavirus or HPV, this can also be transmitted through oral sex and can cause cancer in the throat or tonsils. Other diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, herpes and syphilis can also all be passed through from partner to partner by having oral sex. The idea that having oral sex is safe is not correct. It is recommended that if you are going to have even oral sex with multiple partners to place a condom over the penis for protection even during oral sex.

Where To Obtain Testing?

• Your physicians office
• The local clinic
• Specialized clinics
• Hospital visits
• At special Labs such as Lab Safe

Why Get Tested?

It is recommended to get STD Testing done on at least a yearly basis if you are having oral sex or intercourse with more than one partner. It is also recommended that when you are starting a relationship with a new partner for both of you to get testing completed so that you both know that you are starting out your relationship safely and disease free. Getting tested is important because not everyone will show symptoms from all sexually transmitted diseases. There are many people that get infected and do not even know that they have anything wrong with them.

Testing can be done at your doctors office, but not all doctors will perform all tests. Some people are embarrassed to discuss this with their doctors and are more comfortable going to a clinic where they do not normally go. Visiting your normal doctor some are also afraid of seeing people they know there and someone finding out why they are there to see the doctor.view more from

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There are also special clinics that specialize in testing and are on a more private nature, keeping your testing a private matter. There are also specialized laboratories that will do testing for you without having to go and see your doctor. This makes making the decision easier to get your regular testing completed and feel more confident for many who are worried about having an STD.