The Advantages Of Same Day STD Testing

STD Testing is a necessity for sexually active people of any age that have had more than one partner. It is recommended that with multiple partners that you get tested at least yearly even if you are not showing any symptoms. Frequently an infected person will show no symptoms to many of these diseases and they will get passed along to their partners and then their partners will pass them along to anyone else that they are sleeping with. This is causing these diseases to grow at an alarming rate. In the United States, it has been reported that there are 18.9 million new cases each year according to the American Social Health Organization. These numbers do not even include the number of HIV cases that are reported each year.

Getting Tested

There are a variety of different places that a person can get tested, from your own physician to laboratores and specialized clinics. Still there are many people that have gotten infected that have not taken the time to get themselves tested. This can lead to many serious conditions medically for the infected person and can also help to spread these diseases into an alarming growth rate. If you have had more than one sexual partner and have not been tested this year it is wise to call your local sexually transmitted disease clinic and speak with someone today. The steps are simple and they are making it convenient for their customers. Most of these clinics will have trained health counselors on staff that can answer any questions and help to decide what diseases that you might be at risk for. This way they will know what tests need to be ordered for your testing.

Why Is Same Day Testing A Good Idea?

• It helps give some people the courage from backing out
• It can be done all in one day or one trip
• Some Rapid tests can be completed in as little as one hour
• There is not as much stress for the patient
• Some are even covered by many insurances

Contacting Your Local STD Clinic

STD Testing has been made easier and more convenient for today’s busy and hectic lifestyle. Contacting your local clinic can save your life and give you the knowledge that your are infection free. All you have to do is to call your local clinic and discuss your concerns or symptoms with a health care counselor. They will then help you to order your test that they feel you will need. Then you visit the clinic to get your testing completed and call them back to get your results. These are very easy steps and many of these clinics are available on the evenings and the weekends so you can visit around your work schedule.

STD Testing

Another advantage is that some of these are even covered by some insurances and others offer very affordable rates. It is to your advantage to visit one of these clinics if you have had more than one sexual partner in a years time. It can also be a wise idea to get this testing done if you are going to be starting a new relationship. If you both go and get testing done before you start having intercourse, it is a great way to know that you are both STD free and ready to enjoy life together.see more from