Symptoms and Remedies of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection treatment

Most women suffer from vaginal yeast infection at some point of their lives. The fungus responsible for it is known as candida albicans. The other name of the fungus is vaginal candidiasis or monilial vaginitis. The same disease can also occur in the skin, mouth and digestive tract. The infection happens whenever there is a disturbance in the bacterial balance in the vagina. It lessens the amount of protective bacteria. The yeast grows more during conditions like obesity, diabetes and pregnancy. Candida infection, thrush, diaper rash etc are examples of vaginal yeast infection.

Symptoms and Severity

There are several symptoms of this disease. An abnormality in the vaginal discharge is one of those symptoms. The discharge can be chunky and thick or a little watery and whitish. The vulva getting red, pain during intercourse, pain while urinating, swelling, an itching sensation in the labial or vaginal area are some of the other symptoms.

Vaginal yeast infection can be taken care of at home itself with the use of vaginal ointments and creams. One does not need a prescription to buy most of these ointments or creams. Unless there is a pain in the pelvic region or a fever, it can be considered that the infection is not at a severe state. If there is indeed a pelvic pain or a feverish sensation then proper diagnosis is definitely necessary. There is high possibility of an inflammation occurring in the vagina, on the skin of the vulva, or on the cervix. Dry and white plaques can also be observed on the wall of the vagina.continue reading..

Ways of Treatment

Though it definitely needs to be cured there is not much to be worried regarding vaginal yeast infection. It is definitely wise to consult an experienced physician if the infection takes a serious turn. Women of all ages in every part of the world encounter this disease at some point in their lives. It is certainly a true fact that if the infection is ignored then it gradually gets worse creating further problems.

When you are treating the infection yourself, the medicines which you can purchase are butoconazole, miconazole, tioconazole and clotrimazole. But before using the directions on the packet must be read carefully. You should continue to apply these medicines even after there is a visible improvement of the condition.

The fact is that traditional remedies like creams, lotions, gels, pills etc only takes care of the symptoms of vaginal yeast infection. Since it does not cure the root cause the infection can appear again and again. Plus there is a chance of many side effects which can occur due to the use of the traditional medicines for curing the infection.

Yeast Infection treatment

To avoid traditional medicinal treatment, you may try the other alternatives like the natural or holistic methods to treat the infections. In these type of treatments such ingredients are used which are quite available in the local medicine stores and also in your kitchen. Holistic treatments have proved to be very effective and cost much lesser than the other alternative.

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