Do You Need An STD Test If You Don’t Have Symptoms?

STD Test

There are many people that are infected with various STD, that show no signs or any symptoms of being infected. Unfortunately these people feel they are disease free and do not go and get tested or even consider the fact that they are infected. Unfortunately, just because someone appears to be clean and shows no signs of having any type of infections, does not necessarily mean that they are disease free. Even though a person thinks they are being selective with whom they have chosen for their sexual partners, there is always a risk when selecting multiple partners. It is very wise that any time you are selecting a new sexual partner for both of you to get tested for any diseases and that way you will both know that you will not get infected from each other.

Why Is Testing Important?

Many times a sexually transmitted disease can lay dormant in a person without showing any symptoms for years. Even though it is dormant, the disease can still be transmitted to people that come into contact of the bodily fluids from the infected person. This can include through intercourse, oral sex and many can also be transmitted through deep french kissing where there is an exchange of saliva. They can also be transmitted though urine, blood or any other type of fluids that come from the infected person body. That is why most health care professionals will wear gloves when touching a patient. When these diseases becomes active most of them have already progressed and can cause many serious complications including death. If the infected person would have been tested and the disease would have been detected early on, the consequences of the disease would normally be a lot less more from

When Is It Good To Get Tested?

• When you have had more than one partner it is wise to get tested yearly
• When you have found out one of your ex partners has or has had a disease
• When choosing a new partner it is wise for both of you to get tested
• When you first start to show unusual symptoms
• If you have a suspicion that you were not your partners only partner

Where Can You Get Testing?

STD Testing can be gotten from you doctor, through special clinics, or even online. Getting medical testing ordered online is a new concept for many people even though using the internet has become a normal part of life. It has proven to be safe and effective because most of the testing is completed at the same laboratories that your doctor uses. Using an online testing center has made some people more comfortable with getting tested because they do not have to talk to their regular doctor and explain why they would like to get tested.

Privacy with the online has also proven to be quite effective. As a patient wants to get test ordered, they are assigned an account number and this number is used on all test and results, to protect their identity. When emails and receipts are sent out to the patient, there are indiscreetly
labels used so that the wrong eyes won’t see as to where they are from.

STD Test

There are many options and choices as to where and how a person handles getting their testing ordered and their results back to them. This assists in making many people feel more comfortable and makes them more willing to get tested to make sure they are not spreading around an STD.